Ensuring Your Trade Show Exhibit Is A Success

For businesses big and small, exhibiting at a trade show represents a significant investment of time, manpower and finances. So we’ve put together some guidelines to help keep it simple:

1) Plan

Sounds basic, right? Right.
a. Clarify your objectives for the trade show. Who is your target demographic? What are the most important aspects of what you are doing? Driving sales, branding, or visibility in an arena where your competitors have substantial market presence?
b. Set goals that you can measure.
c. Create a list of tasks to be completed prior to the show, allocate responsibilities and diarise dates to be completed.
d. Set a budget.

2) Utilise the Power of Social Media to Maximise your Returns.

a. Capitalise on Show and Event Marketing buzz to increase your exposure. Tag in the event organisers, event location and media resources so that your post is suggested to a wider audience. Interact with accounts that follow the event on social media. Utilise an event specific hashtag.
b. Create Content and Plan your Uploads prior to the exhibition.
c. Prioritise Content and Paid Posts. Do you know which of your social platforms are generating the greatest exposure and sales conversions for your business? If you require assistance with this, consider contacting us for some assistance with Social Media Management.
Half of revenue is influenced by social selling in 14 common industries, including computer software, healthcare, and marketing and advertising. Using social selling tools can increase win rates and deal size by 5% and 35%, respectively.

3) Ensure Your Display Attracts Attention.

Particularly with large-scale exhibitions the sheer number of exhibitors can become overwhelming for visitors. Decide on one point of difference for your stand that will attract the eye – there are many options for this ranging from layout, colour displays or an interactive component to the stand. One of the local Sydney teams that is able to assist with this and continually come up with out-of-the-box designs are Creative Hire.

4) Maximise Lead Generation.

The most fool-proof method for lead collection is the official scanner available at your trade show, but if this is outside your budget, there are a number of smartphone apps that you can try. Just be sure to first test out any app you plan on using to make sure it will serve your needs.

Offer an additional incentive for visitors to leave a business card and to ensure that you capture all possible leads at even your busiest times – or for those visitors who simply do not wish to engage in conversation. This can be as simple as running a small competition to win product or basic service when leaving their business card at your stand.

Promotional products can be of great assistance here. Choose something that is non-perishable and of reasonable quality that can be branded with your logo. You are putting something useful into the hands of potential clients that they will re-use and remind them of your product or service on an on-going basis. One progressive Sydney based company committed to finding the perfect fit for your vision and budget are Smart Gift Ideas.

It is of utmost importance to staff your stand adequately and qualify leads. Professional promotional models are key to assisting with this – ensuring passers-by are not only engaged, but are referred to your sales staff as appropriate.