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These days, there is an overwhelming amount of information available online as to how best utilise Social Media. These six simple steps cut through the noise and give you a foundation from which to build your social media branding:

Social Media Branding In Six Simple Steps
  1. Define Who You Are and How You Wish To Be Perceived. – Sounds basic right? It’s no use curating beautiful video, graphics and posts if you are unsure whether they represent who you are at the core. I suggest clients sit down and brainstorm all the words they want their customer base to identify with their brand. Then cull this list to five words only. Let this list form the basis of your social media identity.
  2. Know What You Want To Achieve – Is your social media activity simply to maintain a presence amongst competitors – or is it to drive sales – or add another level of customer engagement and dialogue? Having clear goals allows a scope for social media branding to be developed and ensures your strategy is aligned.
  3. Be Relevant – Ensure your content is targeted at your market segment’s demonstrated interests. Research your market demographic online. Who are they? What are their interests? Who do they follow and engage with already? What don’t they care to hear about? Not all of your content needs to be related to your own product or service.
  4. Be Authentic – Stop selling. Start telling stories. Authenticity is fundamental to business relationships, online communication, and success. People want to engage with a brand they can trust. One way of building this trust is by reposting User Generated Content. Hubspot reports that 71% of people are more likely to make a purchase online if the product or service comes recommended by others.
  5. Be Consistent – From the content of posts to the tone of your language to the fonts and graphics you utilise – and even your contact response time.   Yes- this level of detail counts. In fact, 60% of the top brands using Instagram use the same filter for all content. Consistency helps build trust in your brand. Your followers know what to expect, building brand identity and lending longevity to your social media branding and presence.
  6. ENGAGE. –  I cannot emphasize this enough. You can have the most powerful imagery and content, yet if you don’t engage in conversation with your follower base, you will lose them. 35% of consumers will boycott a brand if their social media complaint is ignored. Yet engagement extends far beyond responding to customer feedback. As little as ten minutes put aside for engagement in the morning and ten minutes in the evening will yield rewards. Initiate dialogue with your target demographic. Like their images, comment on their posts, offer suggestions and ensure your follower base feels valued – Because they are.
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