So You Want To Be A Promotional Model?

Work as a promotional model offers flexible hours, a great work environment and the opportunity to make great friends and meet an amazing cross-section of people.

It is a given that you are warm, outgoing, attractive and articulate – but what can you do to ensure you are booked as frequently as possible?

  1. Update your professional images at least once every six months.  Your photos are the first impression a client has of you and essential in ensuring you are remembered amongst other staff options.
  2. Notify us whenever you complete a new training or educational course.  When we submit your cards to a client for a job, we also provide a short bio and this forms an important part of the framework when they use to select which promotional model to book.
  3. Grooming.  Although this should go without saying, your presentation when attending a job is crucial. You are the face of the brand and often the first point of contact at exhibitions and trade shows.
  4. Wardrobe.  Most jobs require some standard wardrobe items.  As a promotional model, you should ensure you have wardrobe of straight black business skirt, black trousers, white business shirt, black jeans and blue jeans (note – no rips or tears in your jeans is a mandatory requirement) and a pair of black and blue denim shorts.  A pair of comfortable black closed-toe heels (not sandals), black ballet flats and converse type runners are recommended footwear staples.
  5. Reliability and Punctuality.  Always arrive at least ten minutes prior to your shift start time in order to meet the client, change wardrobe and familiarise yourself with the other staff and work environment. Punctuality extends to break times.
  6. Step Away From The Phone….  Every promotional model should pack their phone away for the duration of the shift.  A great brand ambassador focusses on promoting the client – not themselves!
  7. Communicate – Report feedback from customers at shift end so that we can keep the client fully informed.  This information is valuable and assists us in honing market strategy.
  8. Have fun! – When you’re having fun, your energy is contagious and people remember you 

Interested in joining our team?  Fill in your details, and we will be in contact to arrange an interview time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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