We Believe An In-Depth Knowledge Of Our Brand Ambassadors Is Key To Ensuring You Book The Best Person For The Job… Every Time.

We Sat Down With Holly – Sydney Promotional Model – To Get Her Views On Work, Life – And Of Course, The Best Places To Eat.

Q) So, Holly… You manage to juggle many hats. You are a producer, actor, model and brand ambassador – along with being a mum! What projects are you currently working on, and what are your hot tips for staying so organised?

A) I think with all those hats (minus being a mama), I try to focus on one thing at a time. I dip in and out of modelling and acting whilst I’m working full time in my TV role. I’ve tried juggling it all and I end up exhausted. I know there is a season for everything!

If I find that I am missing an eleement that makes me happy, I’ll push a creative project. I’m currently contracted full time at Screentime as a Casting Associate Producer… The mum role never stops of course, and there’s no dropping the ball for that one. He won’t let me!

Q) Tell us a little about how you got into promotional modelling and what you love about it?

When I started modelling again for start-up labels, I discovered brand ambassadorship. I wanted to explore a company that did this, and dealt with high-end businesses and promotions. It was’t until I had a chat with you Rachel at Chic Promotions, that led me to my first gig as a Sydney Promotional Model with Maritimo, working at the Sydney International Boat Show.

I love working with people – and I’ve met many influential entrepreneurs through promotions, some of whom have really inspired me to continue doing what I love. The other brilliant part of promotional modelling is how flexible it is – which is perfect when I’m freelancing.

Q) Having worked with you over the last couple of years, I’ve been impressed by your generous nature, presentation and work ethic. And I’ve not been the only one to identify this…. last year you were crowned Miss Sydney Australia. What was the most valuable part of this experience for you?

A) Thanks so much Rachel! To be honest, I’ve always believed that no matter what job you’re doing, your character and the way you go about it will make people take note. This industry, though competitive, is very small. If you want to book more work, make your last job count. Miss Sydney gave me the confidence to pursue more time in front of the camera and support the brands and businesses I love.

Q) Looking forward, what does the next twelve months look like for you? And dreaming big… where do you see yourself in five years time?

A) I’ve had a busy and productive year. I have had both professional and personal wins in my life that were unexpected, and that I’m grateful for. I’m looking forward to enjoying my new role, with more travel and creating content that others will love just as much as I do creating it. In five years time, my boy will be 10! So let’s see – if it’s anything like the last five years, I’m beyond excited! Make plans, but leave room for surprises.

Q) Holly, I always love to ask people whom has been the biggest influence and inspiration in their life?

A) One word – Mum! In my wider sphere, I’ve got a girl crush on Jackie Weaver, Jessica Marais and Margot Robbie… plus IT models Jess Hart & Elyse Taylor. And if it counts, come visit me in my home and you’ll find Marilyn up and around everywhere!

Q) Just one last thing… I find it difficult to have any conversation without reverting to food somewhere along the line. I’m always keen to try out somewhere new. What are your top recommendations for a lazy Sunday brunch in Sydney?

A) Do go immediately to Belgrave Cartel in Manly. My boyfriend took me there – and it’s divine! Both in atmosphere and food.

Thanks Holly for taking some time to chat with us. We look forward to the next 12 months working with you.